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Learn deep meditation in four LIVE weekly classes – Issaquah, WA

The upcoming live class starting in April, 2016, will be taught by internationally acclaimed meditation teacher, Ajayan Borys.

Enjoy a weekend meditation retreat with Ajayan at Samadhi House on San Juan Island, WA

Enjoy a wonderful 3-day weekend of effortless mind meditation with Ajayan and take giant steps in both personal and spiritual growth.

Journey to the spiritual heart of our planet for a sublime Himalayan meditation retreat!

Enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty of the Himalayas while Deepening your meditations with advanced spiritual practices!

Tune into Mind Matters Radio with Ajayan Borys, every Monday 1 – 2 PM PST

Explore the frontiers of consciousness, body, and spirit with Ajayan on KKNW alternative talk radio 1150 AM, Mondays from 1-2pm PST.