Advanced Meditation Courses and Retreats

Explore your true potential…

If you’re like me, you know in your heart that we can be so much more. More creative, loving, happy–all of it. What’s more, there is so much evidence that within our human potential lies gifts that most of us only dream of, gifts the mystics of many traditions have unfolded through their spiritual practice. Profound intuition, like knowing past and future, aligning your life with the divine, even such abilities as levitation. If mystics can unfold these abilities, why not you, too?

There are many levels of meditation. Though traditionally, you get to the deeper levels only after many decades of practice, certain advanced techniques can vastly accelerate your progress, literally reducing decades to months. In the advanced courses, Ajayan has distilled the most effective meditation techniques he’s found in over 50 years dedicated to learning and teaching into a few accessible incredibly profound courses. Most of the practices he teaches come from yogis of India’s Himalayas, but these courses transcend the limits of particular traditions or lineages. They are simply the best of the best. To learn about these courses and retreats with Ajayan, click the offerings on the drop-down menu under Advanced Courses & Retreats at the top of this page.

Since starting Ajayan’s advanced courses, my practice has become exceptional, and I’m experiencing a calmness and clarity that is just amazing. In addition, it seems as if I’m becoming more and more efficient in everything I’m doing outside of meditation. I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed in under 3 months. I have to stress how much of a gem these courses are and that I’m very grateful for having found them. – Christian

I learned more effective meditation techniques at Ajayan’s weekend retreat than months of learning with other teachers and methods. If you’re serious about improving the quality of your life, learn from the best to be the best possible you. – Susie A.

Advanced Courses online

Prerequisite to advanced courses

To take any of the advanced courses, you should have an established, daily meditation practice (preferably for 6 months or more) that feels deep, relaxing, and effortless. We recommend the Effortless Mind 1 and 2 courses available in our online Shanti Membership, but other forms of deep meditation are also accepted.

Order of advanced courses

We strongly recommend taking the advanced courses in this order:

  1. Deep chakra work
  2. Blessings of the Devas
  3. Siddhis 1
  4. Siddhis 2

Why take advanced courses?

There is within you immeasurable bliss, an ocean of bliss. And as you learn to dive into that ocean, you experience and delight in innumerable flavors of divine bliss, divine intelligence, and divine love. This is no exaggeration. I know it may seem a fantasy when there is so much suffering in the world, but the fabric of life is actually intense bliss, pure intelligence, pure light, divine love. To realize that in our own experience, we need only remove the veils from our minds and hearts.

As you do become immersed in that ocean of multifold flavors of bliss, not only does your experience of life change, but you change. Your biochemistry changes, the structure and material of your brain and nervous system changes, as does its electrochemical activity. You feel this, tangibly. Your nervous system radiates a immensely powerful field of pure energy and light. You live surrounded by that field of grace that guides and protects you.

There is no more confusion, in fact, no more decisions to be made. You are in the flow of life, of grace. Your heart opens, and your mind. Your being opens to join with the field of Pure Being that underlies and permeates all. There is actually no joining, because there is no 2 to join; rather, you realize you are That. That is known as Brahman. That is known as my Self, my very awareness.

Your nervous system must evolve to sustain that all-encompassing universal awareness. It only stands to reason, for it is not just abstract awareness but immense, blissful energy. As the ocean embraces and nourishes all the creatures that live in its depths, so your consciousness embraces and nourishes all beings, from the lowest to the highest Devas. You are the Friend of all, and all reciprocate. Even the Devas are eager to give all they can.

You can live this level of consciousness in your life. It is not a fantasy. it is your nature. We invite you to take the step and begin today…

2022 Retreat to the Source of the Ganges in the Himalayas

Yes, the October 2022 Himalayan retreat is scheduled! For more information, see Himalayan Meditation Retreat.