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A course for inner and outer abundance by befriending the devas, based on Vedic science

8 live weekly lessons, 90 minutes each, starting July 10. All classes will be recorded so if you miss one, you can make it up at your convenience.

This is the most important course I’ve ever taught, as it brings the greatest results materially and spiritually, and its principles are rooted directly in the Veda. — Ajayan 

Note: This course is designed specifically for practicing meditators. If you are looking to learn to meditate, please see Ajayan’s online instruction in deep meditation — practices you can learn online in just a few hours. Feel free to email Ajayan at for more information.




Life, it seems, is not fair…

  • Have you ever noticed that one person may make great effort at something and gets little results; whereas another makes less effort, or does the same action, and gets great results?
  • One person with excellent qualifications can’t find a good job; yet another person with lesser qualifications easily finds an enviable job with great pay?
  • One person can’t find a parking spot even after driving the streets for 30 minutes; for another, someone leaves a spot just as they drive up?

What accounts for such differences? There are surely karmic reasons, as all in the field of action is about karma, but even karma can be mitigated and overridden by another factor: the nature of your relationship with the devas. If you are living in harmony with the devas, if you are supporting and nurturing them, they will arrange events to fulfill your desires and needs—often with only little effort on your part. This understanding is a gift of the ancient Vedas, and it can be your direct experience.

Who or what brings the results of our actions?

We all have desires. We tend to think that if we work hard enough, smart enough, we can fulfill our desires through our own effort. Yet, India’s spiritual texts reveal that this conception is the result of a mistaken identification of your inmost Self, pure consciousness, with the ego/mind and body. As a result, you feel you are the doer, when in truth, you are the silent, eternal witness, the immovable divine Self.

Then what or who is really the doer and is responsible to deliver the results of action? As Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita, the 3 gunas. That is to say, Nature. And what is acting within “Nature”? The impulses of intelligence underlying Nature, that is, the devas. It is the devas that operate to not only do everything but also bring us the results of all action.

What are the devas?

According to the Vedas, the devas are subtle, divine beings of light (somewhat like the concept of angels or archangels), but also impulses of pure creative intelligence underlying all of the activity within the universe.

At the basis of all existence is pure, infinite, divine intelligence, pure consciousness; the devas are the manifold impulses of that infinite divine intelligence. They exist as divine beings in heavenly regions (at the cusp of pure awareness). They also exist as ubiquitous impulses of intelligence both within you and all around you; they are the impulses of intelligence responsible, on the finest level, for all activity in the universe.

Befriending the devas means not only living in harmony with them, but nourishing them, creating a symbiotic and harmonious relationship with them. You consciously support the devas, and they in return support you. In practical terms, this means the divine agency of the devas will support your desires, inner and outer, far beyond your expectations.

What will you learn and what are the benefits of this course?

In this course, you will learn specific meditative techniques to connect with, nurture, and befriend the devas. All practices taught are mental, requiring no ritual, but they are grounded directly in the Vedas. Again, the devas are internal and external, so by nurturing and befriending the devas, you gain both internal and external blessings. The benefits you can expect from the daily practice of these meditations include the following.

External blessings you will gain:

  • A definite increase in synchronicity (good “luck,” good fortune) in your life.
  • Your desires effortlessly and joyfully fulfilled.
  • Greater prosperity and abundance.

As wonderful as these external blessings are, the internal blessings of the devas are far, far greater.

Internal blessings you will gain:

  • Happiness and feelings of abundance.
  • Improved health, vitality, and longevity.
  • Greatly deepened inner bliss in meditation.
  • A more open heart.
  • A tangible sense of familiarity and friendship with the devas.
  • Refined perception of the subtler layers of creation.
  • Growing in the experience of higher consciousness—the direct awareness of the divine in everything.


“After consistently practicing your meditation, I have crossed some of the hurdles of “resisting” then “trying” and “learning” and moved into more “effortlessness”… phew!  What comes is so delicate and lovely and brings with it such exquisite bliss and comfort. For that I am so, so very grateful for your guidance. That this stream of awareness, love, bliss waits patiently behind all of our daily silliness is such a miracle…  So thank you, Ajayan, for what you offer in your life. It is the most valuable gem! Thank you.” — Lee Bryant


  • Regularly experience some degree of pure consciousness in your daily meditation practice.


To have the best experience of this course, we recommend completing the Deep chakra work course and Siddhis 1 course. If you want to take this course and are not sure you qualify, email and describe your background and experiences in meditation.



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This course is taught by Ajayan Borys.