Brahmajnana course

Brahmajnana course

Gain Brahmajnana, direct knowledge of Brahman, the unbounded, all-encompassing wholeness of life

A live, online course with Ajayan Borys. Starts Saturday, July 2, 2022

I will record all sessions, so you can begin this course any time after July 2 and go at your own pace. If you wish, you can start after July 2 and catch up with and attend the live course.

Note: This course is for practicing meditators. If you are looking to learn to meditate, please see Start your meditation journey here to find the best meditation course to meet your needs. Feel free to email me at for more information.

What is Brahmajnana?

“Brahman” refers to the Absolute, the ultimate Reality of life. Brahman is the all-encompassing wholeness of life that comprises all of time and space, all that has ever been, is, or will be. And That is none other than your own infinite Self.

“Jnana” means knowledge. So Brahmajnana is the knowledge of Brahman, the knowledge that all is nothing but your Self–one, homogenous, infinite, all-encompassing wholeness of life. The sustained state of Brahmajnana is final and full enlightenment.

What will you learn in the Brahmajnana course and how will you benefit?

In the Brahmajnana course, you will learn a profound meditation practice that will lead you to the direct experience of your infinite, higher Self.  In over 50 years of practice and teaching, I find this practice to be of unparalleled depth and effectiveness. You will also learn methods of inquiry and affirmation designed to break down habits of thought and perception. These habits limit your experience of life to one of separateness and finitude, the basis of ignorance and misery. This combination of deepening the inner experience of the Self with eyes closed, and opening awareness to the underlying unity of all things with eyes open, is the traditional and most effective formula for developing Brahmajnana.

Some benefits you can expect to gain:

Initial benefits:

  • Happiness and feelings of abundance.
  • Improved health, vitality, and longevity.
  • Greatly deepened expansion, clarity, wholeness, and bliss in meditation.
  • A more open heart.
  • Enhanced intuition.

Benefits over time:

  • Clear merging into the infinite Self in meditation. (Not just “mild” transcendence, but clear, superconscious merging in the Infinite.)
  • Tangibly and consciously developing the biochemistry of bliss and higher consciousness.
  • Spontaneously developing a powerful field of healing spiritual consciousness/energy that pervades, surrounds, and protects you.
  • Refined perception of the subtler layers of creation.
  • Growing in the experience of higher consciousness—the direct awareness of the divine in everything.
  • Your brain fully activated, coherent, and bathed in Amrita (the nectar of immortality).
  • Living silence and inexpressible peace, inner and outer, until there is no difference between inner and outer: one, unbounded, homogeneous wholeness of life.


What others are saying

I love the Brahmajnana course! Your courses are truly gems that I expect to stay with me for the rest of my life.–Christian, long-time meditator and attorney

I have found these new practices so powerful. I’m notice exponential shifts in my perception, the strength in my physical body, and acute awareness that [helps me] see the truth of things and feel gratitude and humility for being alive. I am noticing these moment-to-moment perceptions as I walk to take my daughter to kindergarten–the leaves on the ground, the snow covering them, and the details around me. It is new and different to experience hyper-awareness that fills me with gratitude for the present moment. Just to breathe, feel the cold, feel the warmth, and enjoy the simple things of life with our kids. I am realizing why I felt such a strong pull to take this course. It is a huge blessing to have these meditation tools in my life right now. Thank you, Ajayan, for all of the wisdom you’ve shared, and for giving us time to process while teaching us month by month. –Margaret Caulford, meditating mom


  • Meditate regularly for at least 1 year and feel deep relaxation and peace during most meditations. (Thoughts during meditation are okay.)
  • Complete the Deep Chakra Work course and the Blessings of the Devas course, in that order. These courses lay the experiential foundation for this advanced-level course.

If you want to take the Brahmajnana course and are not sure you qualify or have taken courses you feel should fulfill the prerequisites, email Describe your background and experiences in meditation.

How often will we meet, and how long does the Brahmajnana course last?

I’ve designed this course to be flexible and ongoing indefinitely. We will begin with at least 2, possibly more, consecutive sessions on consecutive Saturdays. After that, we will meet as seems appropriate based on the group’s experience, possibly every week, but sometimes skipping a week or more. I haven’t yet determined the total number of sessions, which will be based on the experience, need, and desire of the group. As of June 2023, we are on the 16th lesson. My intent is to tailor the course to what is needed to bring participants to be firmly, experientially, and confidently established on the path to Brahmajnana. I also want to fulfill the wish of some of my students for ongoing advanced instruction. If you have questions, email ajayan. I hope you’ll join me to explore the supreme reality, consciousness, together.




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This course is taught by Ajayan Borys.