Lesson 4

Lesson video

(1 hour 11 mins)



This week, we’ve added three more chakra yantras:

Vishuddha (throat)

Downward pointing white triangle with a pure white sphere in the center (touching the sides of the triangle). If you prefer, for simplicity you can just focus on the sphere; the triangle is optional.

Anahata (heart)

Blue-gray star formed by two intersecting triangles, one pointing up and one down.

Manipura (navel)

Downward pointing red triangle. In the picture below, the triangle has “gates” on each side. You can omit those (and also omit the Sanskrit bija mantra in the center of the triangle, as with all of the chakra images).

Alternate technique of alternating nostril pranayama

On the inbreath, the attention goes from the ajna chakra at the point between the eyebrows down to the muladhara chakra at the perineum. On the outbreath, just the reverse.

Vertical chakra breathing

(Instead of So-Hum, try using Ma-Om)

In the lesson, Raj asks how to keep the eyes from moving during vertical chakra breathing. One answer is to relax and it will gradually cease. What actually happens from relaxing is that the awareness settles into a subtler state and transcends the connection with the gross physical body; then the eyes will be out of the picture and won’t move. So if your eyes move during vertical chakra breathing, you may be making some effort that is keeping the awareness at a grosser level. Take it easy, relax, allow the awareness to become subtle, and the eyes will eventually stop moving.