Lesson 1

This lesson covers an introduction to chakras and foundational concepts of traditional Tantric practices. Please note that “Tantra” does not necessarily imply anything to do with sexuality. It does pertain to practical systems of spiritual practice for unfolding full human potential in terms of consciousness/energy.

A quick note about the practice this week: Be very easy with it; don’t anticipate any particular sensations of rising energy during the practice. It’s enough to feel an easy faint rising of your attention. Attention, consciousness, contains silence and energy, so your simple awareness going up the citrini nadi is all that’s needed. Also, you don’t need to hold the breath while doing ashvini mudra if it is uncomfortable. Breathe through the nose or just hold the breath as long as is comfortable for you. Don’t strain. As you gain experience, you may become more comfortable holding the breath.

Again, the mantra is Om Para Shaktyai Namaha.

In addition to the lesson, I’m adding a couple of videos for instruction in kapalbhati and alternating nostril pranayama.

Lesson Video

Homework (mostly for students new to Ajayan)


What’s the best position for practice? What should I do with my hands? Can I practice these techniques lying down? In lesson 1, Ajayan gives instruction relating to posture and position when toning the energetic body.

Length: 11 minutes 8 seconds

Mula Bandha

Meditation is an extremely subtle art, and no one has explored it more thoroughly than India’s great yogis, who have researched the relationship between consciousness, body, breath, and subtle energy (prana) throughout the centuries. In this lesson, Ajayan teaches Mula Bandha, which many yogis consider the master key to unlocking the spiritual energy that is the basis of living higher consciousness.

Length: 14 minutes 32 seconds


Kapalbhati is one of the most effective techniques of yogic breathing (pranayama) for awakening subtle energies and directing them up from the root chakra to the head, clearing and illuminating the mind. In this lesson, Ajayan teaches this foundational technique.

Length: 13 minutes 25 seconds

Alternating Nostril Pranayama

Nadi Shodhana is a wonderfully vitalizing form of pranayama that is yet calming, soothing, and balancing to the whole system. It directly balances the flow of subtle energies, which in turn soothes and stabilizes the mind and emotions. In this lesson, Ajayan teaches part 1.

Length: 12 minutes 2 seconds