Lesson 3

Lesson Video


This week we’ll start adding yantras (spiritual symbols or diagrams) to the last meditation on the chakras. We’ll start this week with the yantras for the muladhara (root) and svadishthana (sacral) chakras. Note: ignore the lotus and Sanskrit letters. Just meditate on the yantras, i.e., the symbols. They are:


Golden yellow cube or square (with shushuma/citrini shown originating from yoni and Shiva lingam in core of Muladhara)


The white crescent moon

Also, when going up to the chakras in the head, i.e., the Ajna (3rd eye) and sahasrara (crown), use mudra combination instead of ashwini mudra (See last homework video for lesson 2).

Here is the video of the Gayatri mantra from the lesson. I recommend learning this, with this correct pronunciation and meter. Practice it each day while enjoying sunrise and/or sunset. When you’re taking your daily walk (yes, that’s recommended too!). use it for silent japa or aloud until you know it really well. This will greatly deepen your inner experience! Then, if you’re really enthusiastic, see the Mahamrtunjaya mantra (also on my Vedic chanting playlist on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg2i8UA20-7WNb1yfpUVa9GkLhLgR5sZn), and learn that and do the same. You will be amazed at the effects! Enjoy!