Lesson 5

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Lesson meditation audio


This lesson, we add the following chakra yantras.


Here there is only the faintest yantra: at the top of the crown of the head, a moon-like sphere or circle with a faint halo of golden light, just below which is a faint white triangle. The point of the triangle points forward towards your forehead.


A white triangle with a pure white Shiva Lingam arising within it. (Ignore the Om symbol superimposed upon the chakra in the following image.)

Chakra-Yantras only

For your reference, here is an image of just the yantras for the chakras, without lotuses, etc.


We’ll add a practice called horizontal chakra breathing as instructed in the following audio.

Bonus (optional) – Learn the Gayatri mantra as chanted by Vedic pundits

I had a request for help with learning the Gayatri mantra, so here you have it. This is entirely optional–not part of the lesson. Please keep in mind that I am not an expert at Vedic chanting. I have a rudimentary knowledge of Sanskrit and enjoy chanting. That’s it. In the audio that follows, I explain in very simple terms some of the diacritical marks utilized in transliterated Sanskrit. Note that my instructions are practical but not entirely correct. For instance, I say that a horizontal line above a vowel means it’s a long vowel; actually, the horizontal line means it’s a different letter in Sanskrit, but in practical terms for English speakers, it is more or less the “long” version of the vowel. However, not always the same as the English vowel. For instance, transliterated Sanskrit “Δ“” is pronounced like a long “a” in English. Also, transliterated Sanskrit “a” is pronounced “uh”; transliterated Sanskrit “ā” is pronounced “ah”. So my instructions will get you started, but please pay close attention to the way the Vedic pundits chant the mantra and gradually you’ll start to get the correct nuances. You can listen to it here: https://youtu.be/29-A4Yaz07c. And if you want to learn more about pronouncing transliterated Sanskrit, check out http://www.sanskritsounds.com/about-sanskrit/46/index.html. Don’t be discouraged; it’s not that hard! πŸ™‚

Here is the chant written out:

Gayatri Mantra