Lesson 7

Lesson Video

In this video:

  • Brief instruction in advanced mudra combination (see Homework video for more detailed instruction)
  • Practice of preliminary pranayamas, etc.
  • Meditation
  • Discussion of cosmic consciousness, the first major milestone on the path to enlightenment.


The advanced mudra combination is applied when you reach the crown center (sahasrara). After applying the advanced mudra combination the second time (after using the yantras at each chakra), think Aham Brahmasmi.

Lesson meditation

Pranayama goes to 14:45 and then the meditation starts.


This technique is a much more advanced version of the mudra combination you have already learned. Once you have that technique down, and ashvini mudra as well as the graduated mahabandha, you are ready for this. It is perhaps my favorite, a gift from yogis in the heavens. Enjoy!