Deep chakra work: a transformational online course

Deep chakra work course with Ajayan Borys

Course Structure: over 16 hours of prerecorded instruction. Take the course at your own pace

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Note: Effortless Mind Deep Chakra work course is designed specifically for practicing meditators. If you are looking to learn to meditate, please see Ajayan’s online instruction in deep meditation — practices you can learn online in just a few hours. Feel free to email Ajayan at for more information.

In past retreats, I’ve taught chakra opening and clearing practices, but only in bits and pieces, never in a systematic and holistic way. This deep chakra work course proceeds step-by-step to deepen your experience of the chakras and clear and open them, giving an integrated experience and techniques you can continue to use at home to go deeper and deeper. — Ajayan 

What practical benefits will I gain from the deep chakra work course?

In each lesson, you will explore powerful, traditional techniques to open and clear your chakras. The aim is to penetrate the veil of dross that obscures these immensely powerful, blissful centers of consciousness and energy in your subtle body. The result of opening and clearing your chakras will be:

  • Expanded, clear, blissful awareness.
  • Sense of security and well-being.
  • Creativity and blissful perception.
  • Balanced sense of personal/transpersonal power yielding unwavering confidence.
  • An open heart that is richly kind and compassionate.
  • Self-expression arising from coherence of your being; speech with the power to penetrate and create.
  • Subtle perception and intuition.
  • A sense of unity, at-homeness with all.

Cost: $395

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Hi Ajayan,
I just went through the chakra course again. Just want to say thanks for this wonderful course! It’s so motivating, and your gentle reinforcement of some of the key principles (such as effortlessness in practice) is excellent. I always appreciate you sharing your personal experiences, not to mention the amazing things you have taught us in this course. I plan on going through this course every few months or so to keep me motivated, and I am sure each time I will find something new that resonates with me. I found you by accident, but I’m so glad I found you and decided to take this course. — Chenthil Kumar

This course is taught by Ajayan Borys.