Himalayan Retreat

Once in a Lifetime Himalayan Journey

Join Ajayan Borys for a Meditation Retreat to the Sacred Source of the Ganges River.

Imagine you, October 5 - 18, 2018…

- Journeying to the spiritual heart of our planet for a sublime and sacred Himalayan meditation retreat.

- Deepening your meditations with advanced, esoteric spiritual practices.  

- Enjoying the unparalleled natural beauty of the Himalayas, with nature walks and optional hikes.  

- Immersion in the spiritual culture of this sacred region of India.

Ajayan Borys Your Guided Meditation Coach 

Those joining us for this sacred journey will experience much more than an ordinary tourist sight-see. Our intent is a relaxed but focused 14-day pilgrimage and meditation retreat to the Source of the Ganga high in India’s Himalayas, one of the great remote spiritual centers of the world.  

You will learn Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis from authentic Ayurvedic Doctors, explore deep immersion meditation, delicious local North Indian cuisine and dozens of sacred caves, sites and temples.

This mind-expanding retreat is specially priced to be as affordable as possible and includes accomodations, all meals, ground transportation, in-depth meditation instruction from Ajayan and even some optional yoga instruction from local teachers. 

Doubles $3975/person Singles $4475/person.

Reserve your spot on this amazing retreat now for just $1,500.

“I'm absolutely delighted I went on the Himalayan Retreat with Ajayan. The trip exceeded every expectation and the hike to Gaumukh was especially amazing--a highlight I will never forget! My meditation is so much deeper now and my daily practice is established.” — Martin

To ask questions about this retreat, meditation or anything else, or even if you just want a copy of the itinerary to share, fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible!

“The journey with the group to the Source of the Ganges was so enlightening for me…. a great experience, the best experience for personal growth I’ve ever had.” —Caroline Sophonow, Aesthetician and Yoga Teacher, British Columbia, Canada 

Meditation retreat in india

“I cannot believe how much my meditation practice is now influencing my life (you were talking to us about some after-retreat effects)—it is truly sensational! I am happy, and content and my days go by in sheer admiration of all the wonderful things I have in life.” —Dr. A. Cornelius, Switzerland

Retreat Itinerary

October 5th Arrive in Delhi and transfer to hotel. Rest.  

October 6th Ride to Rishikesh situated on the banks of the Ganga in the Himalayan foothills. Dinner and rest. We’ll stay in a modern and comfortable ashram/hotel on the banks of the holy Ganga. Rishikesh is well-known for its many ashrams, temples, and yoga centers. For centuries yogis have retired to the banks of the holy Ganga here to do their sadhana in quest of direct realization of the eternal, infinite Self of all. The atmosphere is tangibly vibrant with spiritual energy, yet today it also bustles as a quaint commercial center.  

October 7th Our meditation retreat begins with a morning of rest and relaxation, bathing in the Ganga (it’s quite clean here, upstream of Rishikesh proper, where we will go to a secluded sandy beach surrounded by jungle), and preliminary instruction in yogic practices especially conducive to meditation (pranayama and bandhas). In the afternoon, we’ll have our first meditation instruction, and in the evening, we’ll enjoy an early dinner and observe a traditional puja performed on the Ganga’s banks.  

October 8th Morning optional hatha yoga instruction, plus group meditation instruction in the morning. During our time in Rishikesh, you’ll also have free time to sight-see and shop for gifts and souvenirs. An extensive bazaar offers a wide variety of fine hand-made clothing, crafts, fine arts, jewelry, and other goods—at amazing prices. There are also many temples and spiritual sites in the area to see.  

October 9th After individual practice of yoga, meditation, and breakfast, we’ll drive to Uttarkashi (6 hours of travel). You’ll get a first taste of the gorgeous foothills of the Himalayas and the life of India’s mountain farmers, which has remained much the same for hundreds of years—unforgettable scenery and equally unforgettable glimpses of a charming and ancient culture.  

On the way, we’ll stop and climb the several hundred steps to the mountaintop Kunjapuri temple, said to be the place where a part of Sati’s body (Shiva’s wife) fell to earth (Her breasts; you’ll hear the full story on the drive).  

Arriving in Uttarkashi (at 3,500 feet), a quaint Himalayan village on the banks of the Ganga, we’ll be staying in a newer comfortable hotel: meditation, dinner, and rest. Here, we’ll visit the famous Vishvanath temple (one of India’s 12 major temples for the worship of Shiva) and observe a powerful Arati (worship with the waving of oil or camphor lamps).  

The large natural lingam here is a natural wonder. It is said to have emerged from the earth spontaneously. Before the temple was constructed around it, locals tried to dig to find it’s root, but all efforts have failed, so deep into the earth does this lingam descend. There is also a temple in the same complex dedicated to Shakti-Devi.  

October 10th After morning meditation, we’ll drive to Gangotri (4 to 5 hours) at just over 9,000 feet—a breathtaking trip as we continue to follow the Ganga upstream, whose waters here explode with power, cutting through the vast maze of mountains. Colossal peaks lushly forested with jungle and pine, towering cliffs, and cascading waterfalls all make for otherworldly dramatic beauty. In Gangotri: meditation, dinner, and rest.  

October 11th to 13th The remote Himalayan hamlet of Gangotri is considered to be among India’s most sacred pilgrimage sites. Natural beauty provides spiritual haven for resident and visiting yogis and holy men. The Gangotri temple serves as focus for devout Hindu pilgrims. Dramatic canyons, surrounding mountains and forest, a cascading waterfall, the virginal holy waters of India’s most sacred river, an atmosphere soaked in centuries of devotion and meditation, and typically sunny weather, make an ideal setting for enjoying the bliss of meditation and yoga. Our days here will include:  

Final instruction in meditation, pranayama, and other yogic practices–the height of our meditation retreat. Participate in puja and bhajans in the evenings at the Gangotri temple. 

October 14th After individual yoga/meditation practice and breakfast, we’ll drive 4 hours back to Uttarkashi. Individual meditation, dinner. Rest or optional shopping in town or visiting the temples.

October 15th After yoga instruction and individual meditation, we’ll drive 6 hours from Uttarkashi to Rishikesh. Individual meditation, dinner, and free time.

October 16th - 17th We will complete our meditation retreat at our ashram/hotel in Rishikesh where yoga classes will be offered in the morning, as well as group meditations both morning and early evening plus local trips and optional excursions to enhance your experience.

October 18th Ride to Delhi, lunch, dinner, and relaxing in hotel. To Delhi international airport to fly back home (late night of 10/18 or early AM of 10/19).