My dear friend Katana Abbott interviewed me on meditation February 7, 2017 for her Smart Women’s Empowerment program. Turned out to be a fun and interesting interview. You can listen to it here  (



The Gift of Your Nervous System

  The gift of your nervous system is nothing short of miraculous. In the Kanakacchapa Sutta, the Buddha uses metaphor to depict the difficulty of obtaining a human birth, and by inference the incalculable value of the gift of your nervous system. Imagine, he says, a...

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Exploring the Siddhis (Yogic Abilities)

Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness and Intuition We’ve all heard of the legendary supernormal powers of adept yogis: mind-reading, invisibility, levitation, supernormal strength, and so on. You may regard such abilities with skepticism or out-and-out disbelief. I don’t...

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