For decades, psychologists have known that nearly every human being lives only an infinitesimal fraction of their full, creative potential. All of us could be so much more alive, alert, intelligent, loving, dynamic, and creative. We have the potential to be so much more ourselves. Nevertheless, psychology has failed to provide a viable key to unlock the full potential of human life.

For thousands of years, the wise of many of the world’s cultures have offered that key: meditation. Deep within each and every person lies a field of pure, unlimited, creative potentiality—and through meditation this field may be directly experienced and lived. Indeed, this reservoir of pure energy and intelligence is none other than one’s own inner awareness, the silent field state of pure Being from which all thought and feeling arises.

When the active mind effortlessly settles to rest in this unbounded, inner awareness of Being, it becomes balanced, empowered, filled with peace, anchored in its own essential nature. Finally, one comes Home, to discover one’s true Self.

This discovery of Self is not an abstract philosophical venture, but of practical importance. For instance, those studying the creative process have long noticed that the greatest scientific and artistic inspirations occur when the scientist or artist is in a state of restful calm. When the mind is calm, the subtle creative and holistic levels of thought can be experienced clearly. Regular meditation cultures the ability to use these deeper, more creative levels of the mind at all times. This is how meditation directly unfolds a person’s full mental potential. Scientific studies have shown that meditation increases IQ and creativity, improves memory, and improves students’ grades.

By plunging mind into the silent state of Being, Meditation creates a state of metabolic restfulness far deeper than that of deep sleep. As a result of this profound rest, body and mind are quickly rejuvenated, balanced, and healed from the effects of fatigue, stress, and tension. One emerges from meditation refreshed, clear, energized and filled with peace. Countless health professionals recommend meditation as an aid in healing the mind, body, and emotions.

Every emotional state produces a corresponding biochemisty in the body. When you are anxious or fearful, you can feel your stomach tightening into a knot, your palms becoming moist, and so on. Just as there is a biochemistry of anxiety, fear, and anger, so is there a biochemistry of calm, joy, creativity, and love. The profound rest of meditation, the experience of settling into the silent purity of Being, creates this positive biochemistry in the body. As a result, one’s experience of life naturally becomes more and more positive and creative.  Not only does meditation relieve stress, tension, and fatigue, but it increases creativity and mental clarity—so a person can joyfully master the demands of modern life.

A growing body of research also suggests that meditation may actually reverse certain debilitating aspects of the aging process. For example, meditation has been found to normalize blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve memory, heighten perceptual acuity, improve reaction time and sensory-motor coordination—all of which indicate development in a direction opposite to that of aging.

All in all, meditation is much more than stress management; it unfolds the individual’s full potential. It makes life better. It has been said that the human mind is the greatest natural resource we have. Shouldn’t we intelligently develop that resource? To live life to the fullest, and for the sake of the world, nothing could be more important.

After almost 4 decades of research into myriad forms of meditation, Ajayan has selected the simplest, most efficient and effective meditation practices available. These practices directly unfold the experience of pure awareness and fill body and mind with blissful peace, power, and vitality. Meditation is the key to enjoying life in accord with the subtle feeling/intelligence of the heart and mind by which we directly experience our deepest connection with life. This is the secret of living our fullest potential, human and divine.