Meditation Retreat with Ajayan

View from Samadhi HouseWhen: January 16 – 19, Thursday eve to Sunday noon 
Location: Samadhi House on San Juan Island, Washington state

Join us for three days of pure Being, rest, rejuvenation, and inspiration! This retreat is designed to immediately bring you accelerated benefits of deep meditation, including:

  • Greater joy and happiness.
  • Greater energy.
  • Increased mental clarity, creativity, and calm.

Yes, in three days, you can become a happier, more energetic, more creative, calmer human being. I appreciate that this may sound hard to believe. Yet this is what others have experienced and there’s no reason you can’t as well. 

Since the retreat, I’ve been amazed at the energy I feel. It has completely up-leveled my energy, my joy, and a sense of overall well-being and lightness. What an unexpected gift! – Jyoti Paramjyoti
The Monday morning after the retreat, I felt so calm while doing some activity (such as driving).  I normally feel this calmness during a good meditation, but never felt this during activity. It felt really good. Since the retreat I’ve felt more mental clarity; I’m transcending almost everyday with the personal mantra (this never happened before); and I feel much more motivated towards my spiritual development. I am SO glad I attended the retreat.  Thank you for doing it! Chenthil Kumar 

Specifically, in this meditation retreat, we will:

  • Review the essential principles of meditation to ensure you have deep, effortless, profound meditations every time.
  • Learn accessible advanced practices guaranteed to further deepen your meditation. These special techniques awaken subtle energies and clear and open the energetic body, making meditation deep, effortless, and blissful. This develops a fuller connection with Source, Cosmic Energy, the Divine within you, resulting in the deepened benefits of meditation. It is specifically these techniques that make this retreat so profoundly transforming. 
  • Effortlessly begin to develop the “4 Immeasurables”: Loving Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy, and Impartiality. This is common to Yogic and Buddhist traditions, and is echoed in many of the spiritual traditions of the world. Through the practices you’ll learn on this retreat, your heart will open to actually begin to live these practical ideals.
  • Enjoy the beauty of San Juan Island, especially Lime Kiln Park, with an optional daily walk and meditations in nature (weather permitting).

This retreat is a chance to connect much more deeply with your inner Source to emerge refreshed, with a new perspective and deepened sense of spiritual connection. Hope you can join us!


Facilities – On Site


  • A beautiful remote retreat on San Juan Island with gorgeous views of Haro Straight. Consistently gets 5-star reviews.
  • On site, we offer a mix of private rooms and dormitory accommodations.  Private rooms are normally reserved for couples; if no couples, then private rooms are allocated to those who sign up first. All accommodations are very comfortable and newly remodeled and refurnished.
  • Shared baths.
  • Sleeps a maximum of 10 people. Register soon!
  • Cost of staying onsite is $595. Includes retreat, room (single, double, or dormitory), and meals.


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Facilities – Off Site

You may also attend the retreat and participate in meals but find your own accommodations, either in Friday Harbor or Roche Harbor (Samadhi House is almost equidistant between the two, about 15 to 20 minutes drive.) As San Juan Island is a hot tourist destination, and March is the off season, you can easily find accommodations on island. There is even camping just 7 minutes away. Cost of the retreat if you stay off site is reduced to $445.00.

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  • Vegetarian/pescatarian meals are provided and included in the cost of the course.
  • Dinner will be available Thursday night until the meeting at 8:15 p.m.
  • The retreat ends Sunday after brunch to allow you to play on the island or catch a mid-day ferry back to Anacortes. (See section below on travel.)
Travel to and from the course