Meditation-Siddhi Retreat with Ajayan 

Attend In-Person or Online from Home

Discover the ancient and renowned techniques that masters of meditation use to unlock the body and mind’s ultimate potential.

What could three days of intensive meditative exploration do for your mind, body, and soul? Escape with Ajayan and Dr Keesha Ewers on a rejuvenating retreat designed to help you achieve the accelerated benefits of deep meditation, while you discover the ancient meditative arts and practices of traditional yogic siddhis.

What are the Siddhis?

If you have taken a yoga or meditation class, it’s possible you’ve heard of siddhis before. Detailed in the renowned yogi Patanjali’s book on Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, the teachings on yogic siddhis are often misunderstood. Ultimately, the techniques used to unlock the siddhis, known as sumyama, allow practitioners to take full possession of their potential for growth and healing. Patanjali dedicated a full quarter of his book to the study of yogic siddhis because he understood the incredible power of the human mind, and its limitless untapped potential.

What Will I Learn?

The Effortless Mind® Siddhi Meditation retreat is based upon Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the authoritative text on Yoga Philosophy. In addition to strengthening the connection between your body and spirit, on this retreat you can expect to learn or develop:

Heightened intuition and perception

– Tangible access to more creative levels of mind

– Deepened meditation that will heal and renew you at all levels

– Facility with samyama, the foundational basis of the legendary yogic experiences.

– An understanding of the more esoteric principles of the Yoga Sutras.


 Event Details

When: June 11 – 14, 2020 (Thurs – Sun)

Where: Samadhi House, San Juan Island, WA

Facilities: Onsite & offsite available

Meals: Vegetarian/pescatarian meals included

Virtual retreat also available!

Note: This retreat is open to everyone; however, it is designed for practicing meditators. If you do not have previous meditation experience, you will receive free access to Ajayan’s Meditation Membership site where you can easily learn Effortless Mind® meditation in just a few hours and practice daily prior to the retreat. Please email to receive access.

Onsite Lodging

A 5 star retreat on San Juan Island with gorgeous views of Haro Straight. There are both private & dormitory style rooms available. Private rooms are normally reserved for couples, but if available, will be allocated to singles on a first come, first serve basis.

Fully inclusive cost of staying onsite: $795 (for a limited time)

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Staying Offsite

As San Juan Island is a hot tourist destination, and with Samadhi House so conveniently located, some guests prefer to make arrangements for their own accommodations. If you plan to stay off island, we strongly recommend reserving your spot on the ferry in advance. Feel free to contact us for more information.

For people staying offsite, we offer the retreat at a reduced rate: $645

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Virtual Retreat

Not everyone can attend in person, but we don’t want anyone to miss the powerful teachings we are offering on this retreat, so we are offering live online access via Zoom. You’ll receive all the same instruction and guidance as if you were here on the island with us.

The virtual retreat is offered for a reduced price: $495

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Need More Information?

In this video, watch as Ajayan discusses how to develop and condition your mind & body to experience siddhis, described by Patanjali in the 3rd chapter of the Yoga Sutras.

Ajayan also explores the practical benefit of practicing samyama – the technique Patanjali prescribes for developing the siddhis – in terms of developing our full potential and activating the whole brain.

Practicing Samyama as described by Patanjali offers breakthrough potential for developing greater intuition, perception, creativity, compassion and loving kindness, and improved health.

(8 minutes)

Get to Know Ajayan & Dr. Keesha Ewers

Ajayan has been exploring and teaching a variety of meditation practices since 1970 and is the founder of Effortless Mind® meditation.

In the early 70’s, he spent years studying in residence under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program®, and for nearly a decade, taught the TM Program®. Since then he has traveled the globe continuing an impassioned exploration of consciousness and developing human potential through various meditation and yogic practices, specializing in traditional Tantric meditation practices as well as Advaitic (non-dual) meditation.

From 1994 to 1998 Ajayan studied with India’s most widely revered living woman saint, Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi, the “hugging saint”), living at her main ashram in Kerala, India, and serving as the meditation teacher there. While in India, Ajayan also spent time with holy men and yogis in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand—a haven for saints throughout the ages—and researched the spiritual practices indigenous to that area. Later, he studied under the Tantric teacher, Swami Anandakapila.

Having made a study of meditation his life, and having instructed and guided thousands in meditation in North America, Australia, Europe, and India, Ajayan has gained a reputation as a consummate meditation teacher.


Dr. Keesha

Dr. Keesha’s mystical experiences started when she was a young child which kindled an early hunger to learn more.

Her first formal training in meditation was through Swami Rama’s Himalayan Institute in 1998. Since then she has been an avid and passionate meditator.

She went on to become a yoga teacher and studied meditation and pranayama (as well as Ayurveda) with Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, and Dr. Light Miller.

In 2005 she was called to Arunachala in Tamil Nadu, India, by her deceased master, Ramana Maharishi. On this journey, she went into intensive retreat and downloaded much of what she teaches and writes about today. Later, she studied under the Tantric teacher, Swami Anandakapila.

Keesha’s interest in meditation and spirituality has crossed many cultural boundaries and taken her from Australia’s Outback to the Andes and jungles of Peru, to the Himalayas of Kashmir, to traditional Lakota vision quests in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado.

Her path has been primarily Nondual Tantric Trika Shaivism and more recently Tibetan Buddhism—her current practices are informed by Tara, Mother of Compassion.

What do our past guests have to say about the retreat?

Since the retreat, I’ve been amazed at the energy I feel. It has completely up-leveled my energy, my joy, and a sense of overall well-being and lightness. What an unexpected gift!

Jyoti Paramjyoti


I learned more effective meditation techniques at Ajayan’s weekend retreat than months of learning with other teachers and methods. If you’re serious about improving the quality of your life, learn from the best to be the best possible you.

Susie A.

Since the retreat I’ve felt more mental clarity; I’m transcending almost everyday with the personal mantra (this never happened before); and I feel much more motivated towards my spiritual development. I am SO glad I attended the retreat. Thank you for doing it!

Chenthil Kumar

I would like to express my gratitude to Ajayan for hosting a awesome retreat.  I gained so much more than I had expected from the experience, and loved meeting and getting to everyone there!  It is so much fun to come together with like minded souls and share an experience like this retreat. I hope to return for another retreat soon.

Melissa Guise

Is this the TM Sidhi Program?

Short answer: No. Ajayan feels immense gratitude to his first teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who he considers a modern enlightened sage. (Dr. Keesha was never associated with TM or Maharishi.) Yet, Ajayan does not teach the TM Program® or TM-Sidhi® Program. Instead, what you will learn in this retreat is based directly on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It is also based on instruction and experience intimately related to the Yoga Sutras that Ajayan and Dr. Keesha received outside of Ajayan’s association with Maharishi. In Ajayan’s experience, the unique, systematic, and accessible approach to samyama you will learn on this retreat is aligned with Patanjali’s deepest teachings, which accounts for its special effectiveness.  For this reason, anyone, even if you have learned the TM-Sidhi Program, will benefit greatly from this retreat and are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions, please email