Effortless Mind Meditation Siddhis Course 1:
The enlightened approach to manifesting your desires

Course structure

The Meditation Siddhis Course consists of 12 lessons (roughly 1-hour each) of recorded video instruction online. It is the first in a series of two siddhis courses. (See pricing, registration, and teacher bio below.)


Note: The Effortless Mind Meditation Siddhis Course is designed specifically for practicing meditators. If you are looking to learn to meditate, please see Start your meditation journey here to find the best meditation course to meet your needs. Feel free to email me at ajayan@ajayan.com for more information.

What are the siddhis and what will I learn?

Siddhis are super-normal yogic powers, such as profound intuitive knowledge, precognition, divine senses, superhuman strength, etc. Essentially, the siddhis represent the yogic approach to manifesting your desires from the deepest, most powerful layers of consciousness.

We have all heard of the concept of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Ancient yogis developed manifestation to a degree not even dreamed of in the West. The pinnacle of that development is the legendary siddhis that defy belief. However, even a little practice of this yogic technology, based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (the authoritative ancient text of Yoga Philosophy), can greatly enhance your ability to manifest your desires in your daily life–and accelerate all the benefits of meditation.

Although this wonderful yogic technology is rarely understood or experienced today, Patanjali focused fully one-fourth of his Yoga Sutras on the siddhis. Why? Because the technique that unlocks the siddhis, samyama, offers a breakthrough in human potential, growth, and healing. Although you won’t soon find yourself flying through the skies like an ancient adept, samyama will systematically suffuse your mind and body with blissful prana (life-force), awaken refined perception and enhanced intuition, and bring your life into a Flow of grace such that Nature will spontaneously support your desires and heal your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

You can expect the Siddhis 1 course to help you develop:

  • Heightened intuition and subtle perception.
  • Loving kindness, compassion, and empathetic joy, for yourself and others.
  • Greatly deepened meditation that will heal, soothe, and strengthen you in body, mind, and spirit.
  • Tangible access to more creative levels of mind.
  • The ability to manifest your desires and receive the support of nature in all you do.
  • Facility with samyama, the experiential basis of the legendary yogic powers.
  • An understanding of the more esoteric principles of the Yoga Sutras.

Ajayan’s approach, gained over nearly 50 years of his dedicated practice based on instruction received from yogis of India’s Himalayas, offers easy, systematic access to this profound level of experience and knowledge expounded by the great sage Patanjali. In addition to Patanjali’s teachings, Ajayan integrates Tantric and Advaitic practices that prepare you to have the deepest and most authentic experience of Patanjali’s sutras. Transform the quality of your life by attending this six-week, live, online course. Hope you can join us!

Ajayan is a true yogi and his teachings and coursework are a testament and insight into his practices and realizations in action; an unveiling into the hidden works of energy, body, and mind on a path to liberating from it all.  This training is advanced, technical, and most importantly effective and skillful, and builds from other trainings that he offers. Even though the training was online, using Zoom, Ajayan’s experience, delivery, enthusiasm to share, boiling the ocean down to precise explanations made the experience attractive, engaging, approachable, and rewarding.  I will take this training, and others from him again.  – Raj Patra, Yoga Teacher, Portland, OR

I just want to say Thank You for creating and offering the Meditation Siddhis Course! Since starting the class my life feels so creative and directed. Intuition feels honed and clear with many delightful surprises showing up! I am relaxing into a new level of trust with the unfolding of life. What you have taught here feels like it has the potential to align us with such potent possibilities for our lives and our dear world. I am so grateful Ajayan. – Moey Bryant, Artist


Some of the topics included in the Siddhis 1 course:

What are the Siddhis and how do they work?

  • What are the siddhis?
  • Manifesting whatever we desire from emptiness, pure consciousness
  • The fatal flaw of the Law of Attraction
  • Consciousness/Prāna — Shiva/Shakti
  • The Seers formula for success
  • Developing a Symbiotic relationship with the Devatas
  • Practices to deepen our experience of Shakti and purify the mind/awareness

Samyama: The yogi’s secret process of manifestation

  • The three aspects of Samyama
  • Samyama: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God…”
  • Patanjali’s formulas as tests of our level of consciousness
  • Value of Samyama as a practice—stitching together Wholeness
  • Learning to practice Samyama with a “Shakti Secret Sauce”

Emptiness: The hidden secret of success

  • Emptiness of Self
  • Turning the I-sense inside out
  • Bodhichitta
  • Exchanging self for other
  • Meditation on Emptiness
  • Expanded Practice of Samyama

Samyama from cosmic awareness

  • Relationship between cosmic awareness, emptiness, and success with the siddhis
  • Emptiness of objects/phenomena in the world
  • Relationship between emptiness and fullness (Brahman)
  • The ultimate mantras of the seers
  • Practice of samyama from cosmic awareness (with a “Shiva secret sauce”)

Expanding the practice of samyama

  • Further expand our practice of samyama

Integration: bringing it all together into daily practice

  • Designing a daily practice that meets your needs

For more information on the Siddhis:

Cost: $595

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Before taking this Siddhis 1 course, we strongly recommend taking the 12-lesson Deep Chakra Work course. The purpose of the Deep Chakra Work course is to clear and open the nadis (subtle channels for the flow of prana) and chakras. It also awakens, strengthens, and refines prana so that it can flow harmoniously through the primary nadis. This will make your experience of the siddhis so much more profound and true to the original spirit intended by Patanjali. Without such preparation, the siddhis will seem elusive, but with this preparation, you will know in your own personal experience that you are treading the path all the great yogis have traveled throughout the millennia. 

Ajayan’s meditation journey

Ajayan has been exploring and teaching a variety of meditation practices since 1970 and is the founder of Effortless Mind® meditation.Ajayan Meditating at Gangotri

In the early 70’s, he spent years studying in residence under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program®, and for nearly a decade, taught the TM Program®. Since then he has traveled the globe continuing an impassioned exploration of consciousness and developing human potential through various meditation and yogic practices, specializing in traditional Tantric meditation practices as well as Advaitic (non-dual) meditation.

From 1994 to 1998 Ajayan studied with India’s most widely revered living woman saint, Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi, the “hugging saint”), living at her main ashram in Kerala, India, and serving as the meditation teacher there. While in India, Ajayan also spent time with holy men and yogis in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand—a haven for saints throughout the ages—and researched the spiritual practices indigenous to that area. Later, he studied under the Tantric teacher, Swami Anandakapila.

Having made a study of meditation his life, and having instructed and guided thousands in meditation in North America, Australia, Europe, and India, Ajayan has gained a reputation as a consummate meditation teacher.


Is the Siddhis 1 course the TM Sidhi Program?

Short answer: No. Ajayan feels immense gratitude to his first teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who he considers a modern enlightened sage. Yet, Ajayan does not teach the TM Program® or TM-Sidhi® Program. Instead, what you will learn in this course is based directly on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Tantric and Advaitic teachings that shed additional light on the siddhis and their role and place in the Vedic schema of the evolution of consciousness towards Enlightenment. For this reason, even if you have learned the TM-Sidhi Program, you are sure to benefit greatly from this course. If you have any questions, or for more information, please email ajayan@ajayan.com.