Effortless Mind Meditation

Jalandhar Bandha + Antar K. Mahabandha

Ancient India’s contributions to math and science is well-known. The concepts of zero, the decimal system, algebra and algorithm, square root and cube root were all developed in India long before anyone in the West. India also developed sophisticated systems of astrology, astronomy, and architecture. India’s yogis have also proven themselves to be amazing researchers, thinkers, and innovators. In fact, many of India’s contributions to math and science originated with the yogis. For instance, the concept of zero arose from the yogi’s contemplation of shunya, or nothingness. Despite such significant contributions, the greatest research of India’s yogis has been into consciousness, and the relationship between body, breath, energy (prana), mind, and consciousness, and the relationship of these to various categories of existence. India’s contributions to math and science, for the most part, arose from these investigations. But the practical aspect of developing on’e  experience of all that being human entails, this is India’s greatest contribution. And this is the focus of the techniques you’ll find on this site, including those on this page. Bandhas are one of these great discoveries. Bandha means “lock” and it is a way of awakening and moving energy to unfold the full value of your consciousness. So without further ado, here is instruction in jalandhar bandha, which opens the door to antar kumbhak mahabandha (explained in the video). These techniques in turn begin your journey into a much more esoteric and profound level of investigation into the chakras. We will take that journey together soon, here in Ananda… Enjoy, Ajayan P.S. Before watching this video, please make sure you are already very comfortable with mulabandha.

Mudras, Bandha, Pranayama