Lesson 2

Lesson Video


The mantra (mahavakya) introduced in this lesson is: Prajnanam Brahma, which means consciousness is Brahman. Prajnanam is pronounced pra-gnya-nam. The “gnya” is somewhat nasal. This is the common pronunciation in Hindi. However, in proper Sanskrit, the “jn” in “Prajnanam” is pronounced like the “j” in “Raj” and the “n” in “hunger.” So it is very similar, but in Sanskrit, instead of the semi-silent “g,” pronounce “j,” so Praj-nya-nam” where the “j” is pronounced as an end to the first syllable, and the “n” is formed by the middle of the tongue against the middle of the palate.  I mention this because on the advice of my Sanskrit teacher, I have recently adopted the Sanskrit pronunciation.

Video contains:

  • Story of the inspiration for this course.
  • More about Soma and its relationship to transcending and Tantric teachings.
  • Soma as purifier and the importance of sattva (purity) contributing to our success in life.
  • Why are we now focusing on Soma more than previously?
  • Meaning of Soma sacrifice and why only the Brahmana can perform it.
  • Purification and Soma.
  • Importance of purifying our auras.
  • The significance of the Mahavakyas.
  • Stages in the development of consciousness.
  • The traditional use of Mahavakyas to integrate the experience of Unity Consciousness.
  • Instruction in kapalbhati with Gayatri mantra.
  • Instruction in Savitri pranayama with Gayatri and counting using the digits of fingers.
  • Kapalbhati and Savitri pranayamas represent Shakti (dynamic) and Shiva (silent) aspects of consciousness.
  • Silence integrating into dynamic activity is a theme of Tantra.
  • Brahmari instruction.
  • Two ways to chant Gayatri mantra.

Audio meditation

The following meditation is extracted from the video of the lesson. It is just the meditation portion. Please watch the video before using the audio meditation, as there is essential instruction in the video that is not included in the meditation. This is true for all lessons in the course. The audio meditation is intended to give you convenient access to the meditation for the lesson so you can use it as a guided meditation daily until you are ready for the next lesson.

Lesson 2 audio meditation

by Ajayan | 29 minutes 29 seconds

Homework (mostly for students new to Ajayan)


Ajayan teaches this delightful and easy form of pranayama that calms, quiets, and expands the mind, while healing the whole body.

Length: 7 minutes 33 seconds

Ajayan talks about the role of Soma in living higher states of consciousness. Length: 13 minutes 52 seconds