Lesson 4

Lesson Video


The new Mahavakya is: Tat Tvam Asi, which means “Thou art That.”

The expanded Soma invocation is: “Soma, Soma, Soma… Flow, Indu for Indra, in a sweet and exhilarating stream. Flow sweet for Mitra, Varuna, Vayu, the Ashwins, for Bhaga, Pushan, and for all the Devas. Soma Pavamana, purify me with your purifying streams; bestow upon us wealth of a thousand radiances. Flow round us, Soma, on all sides in a bliss-bestowing stream, like a river down a steep place. Soma, Soma, Soma…  ” Then feel your relationship with Soma.

Video contains:

  • Experiences and questions of participants.
  • Story of two disciples smoking while doing mantra japa.
  • Soma as generator (of Truth, the Sun, the heavenly bodies, etc.)
  • Difference between God and the devas.
    • Unconditioned Brahman vs. conditioned Brahman.
    • Unconditioned Brahman and conditioned Brahman vs devas.
  • Meditation

Don’t forget to get the latest, updated version of the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda from Lesson 3. I’ll be continuing to add more of the mandala to it each week.

Audio meditation

The following meditation is extracted from the video of the lesson. It is just the meditation portion. Please watch the video before using the audio meditation, as there is essential instruction in the video that is not included in the meditation. This is true for all lessons in the course. The audio meditation is intended to give you convenient access to the meditation for the lesson so you can use it as a guided meditation daily until you are ready for the next lesson.


This is a wonderful advanced version of the mudra combination. It is a favorite of mine–s gift from yogis in the heavens. Enjoy!