Welcome to Effortless Mind Meditation – 2

1 – Introduction

Once you’ve completed Effortless Mind Meditation – 1, this course is the next step. It will take you deeper by adding preliminary practices (pranayama or yogic breathing exercises and other goodies), as well as a chakra meditation that is so important if you want to take meditation to the next level.

The course consists of 26 videos. Take it at your own pace, but I taught it in one, full-day marathon course. You can do that too! It was my most popular course ever, and I know many members of this site took it at our Yurt in Issaquah, WA between 2010 and 2015. But you’re also welcome to break it up and absorb it slowly. Again, if you’re not already meditating, I recommend taking Effortless Mind Meditation – 1 first; then return to this course for a deeper dive into meditation and associated practices.

Here’s lesson 1. Navigate to further lessons using the menu to the right.