Effortless Mind Meditation

Mini Meditation Course

“Mini” does not mean this course is insignificant. In just a few minutes, you will learn the most important principles of meditation and gain confidence to meditate deeply, effortlessly, every time. How many people try to meditate yet feel frustrated and discouraged? It’s a shame. You no longer have to be one of them! You can start getting the real benefits of meditation today. First, watch the video that will teach you what meditation is and the 4 essential principles of meditation. Then let the audio meditation at the bottom of this page guide you into deep relaxation, peace, and bliss. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it and enjoy the guided meditation as often as you like. And if you decide you like meditation so much you’d like to explore it more fully, check out my membership site, with lots of video courses designed to take you step by step into deeper and more effective forms of meditation. Enjoy! Ajayan

Four Essential Principles of Meditation

(7 minutes 45 seconds)

Four Essential Principles of Meditation

The guided meditation below begins with a brief instruction in mula bandha, which has been used by India’s yogis for centuries to deepen their meditations and accelerate benefits. Mula bandha activates the subtle energies in the body and directs them upwards to open and clear the chakras. This will give you immediate access to a deeper experience of peace, relaxation, vitality, and clarity. Incorporating mula bandha brings meditation more fully into your body as well as your mind. It is considered to be a master key to accessing the full benefits of meditation. Enjoy!

Click the play button below, sit comfortably, and close your eyes to begin your meditation.

(14 minutes 21 seconds)

Guided Meditation with Mula Bandha by Ajayan Borys