Lesson 3

Lesson video

In this lesson:

  • Q and A,
  • Discussion of Pranayamas
  • Some instruction in fast pranayama
  • Instruction in ashvini mudra.


Ashvini mudra and mahabandha

As I teach it on this video, ashvini mudra is a most powerful practice. It effectively awakens the shakti latent in the area of the muladhara chakra and pushes it throughout all of the nadis in the body. Combined with the breathing practice and maha bandha explained on the video, you will find this empowers your meditation tremendously. start with only a couple of rounds of ashvini mudra and increase as you see fit. It is important not to strain. Please don’t hold your breath to the point of strain. Be gentle and easy. In fact, if it’s uncomfortable to hold your breath, you can do ashvini mudra as you breathe normally through the nose.

One final important note: in the video, I teach maha bandha with the breath held in (antar kumbhaka mahabandha). It is actually more effective with the breath held out, though more advanced. When you’re ready, try mahabanda after exhaling fully and holding the breath out (bahir kumbhaka mahabandha). This will plunge you even deeper into Being.