Lesson 5

Lesson video

In this lesson’s video, Ajayan:

  • Discusses Soma.
  • Instructs in mudra combination and Mahabandha.
  • Discusses importance of dissolving selfishness and egoism for success in samyama.
  • Discusses emptiness of self.
  • Guides meditation on emptiness.
  • Answers questions.
  • Prescribes practical techniques of exchanging self for other and developing bodhicitta to erode egoism and develop the realization of the emptiness of self.

Lesson Audio meditation

Meditation starts at 2:38 after short preliminary practices.



Once you’re comfortable with kapalbhati, you can practice this advanced version, combined with Savitri pranayama before meditation (it is so effective, it can even replace the other pranayamas if you don’t have time to practice them all), or at another time of day.