Meditation Teacher Certification FAQ

Q: Does your Meditation Teacher Training Course confer certification and is it globally recognized?

A:  Currently there is no body that has authority to certify meditation teachers globally; rather, each organization certifies its own teachers. Ajayan was certified to teach Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1973 and has taught that and other forms of meditation for over 40 years. He was also the meditation teacher at Amritananda Mayi’s Ashram in Kerala, India for almost 4 years. Now he teachers Effortless Mind meditation, which he considers to be the most effective of all that he’s learned over the past 45 years as it has taken shape through his own intensive personal practice. Ajayan has also written two books on meditation that has met with high critical praise, Whispers of the Himalaya and Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease.

So to answer your question, after successfully completing this course, you will be certified to teach Effortless Mind mediation at the beginning and intermediate levels, which involves pranayama, chakra meditations, and mantra meditation. You will be able to impart a deep and thorough understanding of the benefits, mechanics, and goal of meditation, and most importantly, you will have a basis for teaching in your own profound experience of the benefits of meditation.

Q: Are discounts available for this course?

A: No, this course is for professional training and is priced competitively.

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Please see the following pages for complete details on the Meditation Teacher Training Course:

"Effortless Mind is the best meditation book on the market." – Jim Young
"This meditation has allowed me to ascend to a place of stillness and Being that is beyond words." - Linda Wick
"From my first instruction, I was amazed at the sense of well-being and stillness I felt. I am so grateful for this program!" – Jim Hesketh
"I wanted to thank you again for the class. It was incredibly helpful, and I deeply appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me." – Blake Poarch
"The techniques I received from Ajayan are perhaps the most blissful and useful of any I have experienced in over 25 years of seeking." – Joe Davis
"The first night after Ajayan’s personal instruction, I awoke about 3 a.m., only to find I had been meditating in my sleep in a state of bliss." - Frank Kowalczyk
"This meditation is so sublimely natural and effortless. This is what I’ve been searching for! Thank you!" — Marsha Holden
"Ajayan Borys knows more about meditation than any teacher I’ve ever met." — Dr. Henry Pedack
"Ajayan’s discussions on spiritual questions were unfailingly clear, uplifting, and inspirational." — Divya Nowland
"Though I’ve meditated for years, he answered so simply all my questions. I loved it!" — J. Agama Tylor

Watch Ajayan’s YouTube Channel

Watch Ajayan's YouTube Channel

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