Twelve-Step Programs have helped millions recover from devastating dependencies. As the name suggests, at the heart of these programs are 12 essential steps. And the eleventh of these names meditation as a basic means to “improve our conscious contact with God.”*

This is a compelling direction for anyone, whether in recovery or not. Yet how many of us can honestly say we understand meditation and can practice it effectively? In our modern world, we may speak of meditation, but it’s daily practice is still a foreign language for most of us. We may make a sincere effort, we may do our best—and sometimes something good happens. But what if something good could happen when we meditate every day? With the proper instruction, it can.

Anyone who has been in recovery a while, knows that once the “pink cloud” (the high from the first steps of progress) begins to fade, the real daily work begins. That’s when really understanding how to meditate can be a life saver. Meditation is a skill that you can practice daily, whenever you need it. And it’s benefits accumulate, naturally. Meditation aids one in feeling more centered, calm, more in touch with who you are and with Higher Power.

The practices of meditation taught by Ajayan Borys have been chosen for their simplicity and effectiveness from among the most time-honored meditation methods in the world. They impose no doctrine or dogma, no religion or philosophy; they simply open conscious contact with Higher Power. The rest is up to you.
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*Portions of the 11th Step as per A.A. Note that though some individuals participating in A.A. have been instructed in meditation by Ajayan Borys, to date A.A. has not reviewed, endorsed, or made any comment, positive or negative, on Ajayan’s meditation programs.