Effortless Mind Meditation

Uddiyana Bandha + Bahir Kumbhaka Mahabandha

Before practicing the techniques in this video, please first master mulabandha, jalandhar bandha, and antar kumbhaka mahabandha. Okay, I’ve said all that needs saying elsewhere, so dive in and enjoy. These techniques are amazing, and particularly bahir kumbhaka mahabandha is very powerful. Please ease into it and practice it just for a short duration without strain. And if after watching this, you’re wondering, yes, you can do aprakasha mudra (swallowing) as you adopt jalandhar bandha with the breath held out for bahir kumbhaka mahabandha. Again, mastering this technique is important to the more esoteric investigations of the chakras that we will do together soon… with love, Ajayan

Mudras, Bandha, Pranayama