Effortless Mind Meditation

Special advanced meditation retreat on San Juan Island

Retreat dates

Wednesday eve, November 2 – Sunday noon, November 6, 2022

(We have added an extra full day to allow for 3 full days of intensive practice.)


This is a special retreat only for those who are enrolled in the Brahmajnana course. To attend the retreat, you must have completed at least the first 5 lessons of the Brahmajnana course (which starts in July 2022, live, but can be started at any time thereafter by watching the recorded videos).

In addition, the Brahmajnana course requires first completing:

Because of the nature and focus of this retreat, we cannot make any exceptions to this requirement. If you are looking to learn to meditate or to advance your practice, please see Start your meditation journey here to find the best meditation course to meet your needs.

Retreat location

Samadhi House on San Juan Island, Washington state

Note: Proof of a negative COVID test within 24 hours of arrival is required. A DIY at-home test is acceptable. This is to help reassure all participants of their safety, to the extent we can.

Retreat description

In this special retreat, we will focus on individual and group practice of what we are learning in the Brahmajnana course, specifically on the realization of the Self, Brahman. Those who have taken the Siddhis 1 and/or Siddhis 2 courses will also have daily opportunities for group practice of those techniques, but these courses are not required to attend the retreat.


$675 – Anyone who has completed the required courses can come to this retreat. If the course fee is a hardship, contact Ajayan.

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Retreat dates


Vegetarian meals are provided and included in the cost of the course.

Participants will pull together to cook and clean for meals. We won’t have a staff other than professional housekeeping prior to and after the retreat. This not only helps keep costs down but is fun and creates a sense of community. It also gives an opportunity for seva, selfless service.


Travel to and from the course